With over 10 years of experience, Maestros Hoteleros® has transformed hotel business models into ones where profitability, sustainability and personality are at the core of its success and growth in the hotel sector.

We have contributed towards and within the framework of ambitious visions and strategies for hotels, resorts, hostels and aparthotels to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty levels are central ingredients to success in the sector.

We accompany you in change processes, position your establishment as a leading name in the tourist destination and support you to translate your hard work into overall greater hotel profitability.


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Extensive experience and knowledge of the hotel sector

Maestros Hoteleros® is formed of a small but dedicated multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the sector and offering a global advisory service aimed at owners, promoters, operators and investors working in the tourist and urban accommodation sector.

Born from the idea of David Vime in Madrid, Spain in 2009, the concept now extends to over five countries across three continents. Fundamental to the ethos of Maestros is each establishment is unique and maximising profitability is a delicate balancing act that requires careful calibration of its asset, location, business model, corporate strategies as well as day to day management styles to achieve sustainable results.

Always learning and open to new ideas, each project we take on is executed with enthusiasm and a spirit of improvement where we look to integrate new technologies and advances in the sector with the basic principles that our hotel industry must uphold; to be hosts creating unforgettable experiences so that the client feels as is they are in a home away from home.


Hotel Investments

Ensure profitability and reduce the risk of real estate investments in hotel assets. We understand the situation on the ground for the sector.

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Hotel Consulting

With customer satisfaction at its core, we can help you increase your revenue level by optimising costs.

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Revenue Management

Increase RevPAR, improve productivity and execute the right strategies with immediate impact on profitability levels

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Hotel Technology

Implement the latest ‘big data’ technology to improve the customer experience, achieve business efficiency and increase overall bookings.

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Interim Hotel Management

We help you to perform day to day tasks and meet specific objectives by parachuting in temporary expertise into your business model.

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Hotel Asset Management

Application of tailored strategies and practices resulting in appreciation of assets over time, while mitigating risks.

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