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Operational Audit

For a service to be beneficial to the client the steps to pursue must follow a comprehensive understanding of what the client wants and to translate these into tailored experiences through the design of processes that effectively deliver and integrate the service or product to achieve the expected business results.


In the hotel industry, the degree of contact with the customer is high, therefore, operations should also be close to them, regularly adapting to their needs and expectations and ensuring changes are swiftly carried out.  


An operational audit of your establishment allow us to analyse the current structure of the company and identify the causes of process interruptions and information flows between departments. We understand how to apply and implement effective operational strategies that can help you to achieve cost and operational efficiency.


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Organisation and Management Systems


In a highly competitive market such as the current one, the hotel establishments that align with the principles of flexibility, agility and staying up to date with the latest innovations are those that remain at the forefront of the market because they have the imprint of continuous improvement in their business DNA.

Through the analysis of the functions of each department and creating the correct structures for the success of your operations including the workforce, we support you to move in the right direction to achieve overall improvement in the performance of your establishment.


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Customer Experience


Focusing on customer satisfaction and how they experience the services provided is an essential pillar of a strategy for your establishment. The operational management of the customer experience involves knowing what they think as well as their experiences, with the obtained output used to inform decision making processes for the improvement of satisfaction levels.


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Hotel Investments

Ensure profitability and reduce the risk of real estate investments in hotel assets. We understand the situation on the ground for the sector.

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Revenue Management

Increase RevPAR, improve productivity and execute the right strategies with immediate impact on profitability levels

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Hotel Technology

Implement the latest ‘big data’ technology to improve the customer experience, achieve business efficiency and increase overall bookings.

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Interim Hotel Management

We help you to perform day to day tasks and meet specific objectives by parachuting in temporary expertise into your business model.

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Hotel Asset Management

Application of tailored strategies and practices resulting in appreciation of assets over time, while mitigating risks.

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