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Hotel Openings and Pre-Openings

In highly competitive environments and in an atomised sector such as the hotel sector, developing a concept of a hotel, resort, hostel and / or apartment hotel is an essential phase of the project to differentiate itself from the competition.


Applying a methodology divided into several distinct phases and from a 360 degree client vision, we work with the team of architects and designers to ensure the optimisation and profitability of spaces.


PHASE I. Understanding the project

Meeting with the client to understand their vision and ideas for the establishment including location, permits and licenses, business model, required investment, financing structure, execution times and estimated opening date.


PHASE II. Investigation

Study and analysis of the existing concepts in the location of the new establishment.


PHASE III. Benchmarking

Analysis of the competition in terms of product (rooms, functional areas, sales units), sales strategies, design, and type of service, among other measures. At this point, we will also identify business opportunities that allow our client to position itself in various market segments.


PHASE IV. Strategy

Through the evaluation of ideas and results obtained, we proceed to brainstorm the concept together with the client, developing strategies in terms of product typology (rooms, necessary equipment, space functionality), level of services, required investment and financing structure.


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Search for Hotel Assets


At Maestros Hoteleros® we help you to identify and select hotel assets in international environments following the established criteria and parameters, supporting you in commercial due diligence processes, coordination of, as well as, the closure of operations.


How do we do it?


Hotel Consulting

With customer satisfaction at its core, we can help you increase your revenue level by optimising costs.

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Revenue Management

Increase RevPAR, improve productivity and execute the right strategies with immediate impact on profitability levels

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Hotel Technology

Implement the latest ‘big data’ technology to improve the customer experience, achieve business efficiency and increase overall bookings.

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Interim Hotel Management

We help you to perform day to day tasks and meet specific objectives by parachuting in temporary expertise into your business model.

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Hotel Asset Management

Application of tailored strategies and practices resulting in appreciation of assets over time, while mitigating risks.

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