Hotel Asset Tokenization

We Promote Hotel Asset Tokenization Projects

At Maestros Hoteleros® we advise on the benefits offered by Blockchain technology and specifically the tokenization of hotel assets.

Prior to any tokenization phase, it is essential to determine the specific assets that will be tokenized and the type of security that will be issued; equity, debt, profit/income share, etc.

Each token digitally represents a value or right and incorporated into a blockchain through the creation of smart contracts.

The tokenization of hotel assets offers presents multiple advantages such as greater security by reducing the risk of fraud, greater liquidity by making operations more interchangeable, greater accessibility by democratizing investment by generating large pockets of liquidity, and greater profitability by bringing together more competitive markets and asset revaluation.


  • Determine the specific assets that are tokenized and the type of security at which it is issued (equity, debt, profit/revenue sharing, etc.).


Maestros Hoteleros has a network of law firms and partners that will help you in:

  • Selection of the appropriate jurisdiction and regulatory exemption.
  • Creation of SPV entities and file forms with the regulator, where relevant.
  • Creation of a distribution/marketing/investor acquisition plan.


  • Design of a comprehensive tokenomics framework.
  • Study and evaluation of the economic characteristics of the token.
  • Analysis and determination of supply.
  • Demand identification.
  • Token life cycle analysis.


  • Analysis and selection of technological tools and appropriate framework to securely store tokens.
  • Define and implement the digital asset strategy while maintaining compliance standards.

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