Interim Hotel Management

Expert professionals in hotel management and management

Count on external professionals specialized in hospitality, supporting you in the CORE function of your business such as hotel management or strategic management. We will help you analyze and solve the problems that your hotel has in a pragmatic way in a reasonable time of action.

At Maestros Hoteleros® we have a team of hotel experts helping you save time and resources in situations of change and/or organizational transition, departures from the management team, support for the current management team and training of new teams. Incorporating new operating strategies into the organizational culture of your company, we increase the value of your team since we seek to replace it, but rather to provide new solutions and an adequate work methodology.

Hotel Management

  • Meeting with management team and staff of your property.
  • Current situation analysis reviewing hotel operations.
  • Development and execution of action plans in the area of marketing and sales, operations, finance, human resources and CSR.
  • Monitoring and coordination with the work team to propose improvements to be made.
  • Search for new business opportunities.
  • Independent analysis of each business unit.
  • Identification of areas for improvement and development of action plans.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of each line of action.

Revenue Management

  • Development of sales policy.
  • Analysis of historical data, hotel evolution, market demand forecast and potential trends.
  • Analysis of the distribution mix.
  • Recruitment of new online distribution channels (OTA's online travel agencies and metasearch engines) increasing the volume of reservations.
  • Focus on direct sales through the hotel website applying artificial intelligence.
  • Coherence criteria in rates.
  • Study of the competition.
  • Rate strategy.
  • Use of cloud tools to analyze predictive demand by type of market and online reputation of the hotel.

Customer Experience

  • Analysis of the points of contact with the client, detecting possible failures or deficiencies in the process of providing the service.
  • Mysterious customer audits providing objectivity and independence in the assessment of service provision, analyzing codes of conduct of your company's employees and obtaining fundamental results in customer service.
  • Implementation of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) automating those processes that have a high impact on improving the customer experience as well as an increase in staff efficiency.

MH Values


We maintain absolute confidentiality and discretion regarding your documents.


We are committed to the execution of each phase of your project.

Professional Ethics

We are governed by professional ethics necessary for a good working environment.


We are committed to sustainable business models guaranteeing the reasonable use of resources.


We develop our professional activity with responsibility and total transparency.