Hotel Asset Management

Maximize your hotel investment

In highly competitive and capital-intensive sectors such as the hotel industry, understanding the characteristics of the hotel asset, its potential capacity to generate the maximum level of income in the area in which it is located, and the efficiency of internal processes allows us to define the strategy with you. adequate to guarantee that your hotel, resort, hostel and/or aparthotel generate the desired profitability.

We accompany you in the decision-making processes for selecting operators and determining the ideal contractual relationship (hotel management or management contract, hotel franchise and/or fixed-variable contract), monitoring the evolution of the hotel asset.

Operational review/audit

  • Review of financial, labor, commercial and sales documentation.
  • Analysis of business units (restaurant, bar, cafeteria and other departments)
  • Study of the past, present and future evolution of sales.
  • Projection of the profit and loss account analyzing the impact of each decision in different scenarios.
  • Analysis of needs in CAPEX.
  • Advice to the property in negotiations and search and selection of operator.

Search for hotel assets

  • Analysis and evaluation of assets
  • Analysis of the market and hotel plant
  • Preparation of Memorandum
  • Support in the preparation of the investment vehicle and development of the acquisition structure.
  • Coordination in the due diligence process with third parties; lawyers, auditors, architects and engineers.

Hotel Openings and Pre-Openings

  • Identification of opportunities with high potential in terms of profitability.
  • Study of trends for the planning of rooms and spaces.
  • Analysis of possible themes to apply in your hotel, resort, hostel and/or aparthotel.
  • Detailed analysis of CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Projections of the profit and loss account in different scenarios.
  • Building audit identifying physical challenges.
  • Coordination with the architecture team providing business vision.

MH Values


We maintain absolute confidentiality and discretion regarding your documents.


We are committed to the execution of each phase of your project.

Professional Ethics

We are governed by professional ethics necessary for a good working environment.


We are committed to sustainable business models guaranteeing the reasonable use of resources.


We develop our professional activity with responsibility and total transparency.