Tourism Intelligence

Make the best decisions based on Big Data

At Maestros Hoteleros® we make tourism intelligence platforms available to our clients that provide a snapshot of the key indicators for a tourist destination, both individually and in comparison with its competitors, such as demand, connectivity, hotel characteristics, profiles of tourists and the traveler's experience in the destination.

Analyze a tourist destination from a global perspective, measuring international tourist demand and analyze the evolution of destination spending in different markets of origin, saving a lot of time and making better decisions.

Smart Destinations

  • Analyze the behavior patterns of current and future travelers in all phases of the travel cycle.
  • It includes the analysis of flight searches and reservations, air capacity, comparison of flight and tourist accommodation prices, visitor profiles according to sociodemographic criteria and interests, spending capacity, satisfaction with the destination and its services, perception of safety, movement patterns once at the destination, etc.


  • Predictive analytics for your destination.
  • Obtain information about the accommodation and the future trends of the destination.
  • Increase direct sales and reduce intermediation costs.
  • Measure and micro-segment destination demand to tailor communication to traveler preferences and needs.
  • Identify the most valuable customer segments through destination spend analysis.
  • Personalize offers to increase revenue from ancillary services.

Hotel Investment

  • Reduce the uncertainty of investors, since it facilitates the assessment of the attractiveness of your destination by providing information to make projections of demand and design a competitive marketing strategy.
  • Analysis of tourist demand.
  • Anticipate future tourism trends.
  • Understand air connectivity.

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