One of the most efficient way to manage your hotel and boost revenue

One of the most vital solutions from a hotel commerce platform that your hotel can adopt is the Channel Manager. It is the only way to adequately control and grow your business online in today’s demanding market. Comprised of many seamlessly integrated features, a channel manager will allow you to run your hotel to a higher standard, with minimal effort. With an online world that never sleeps and guests that demand attention 24/7, you can’t afford to be “off ever”. For example with a Channel Manager, you can easily update your room inventory, making the most updated information available to all the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) you do business with. These tools will help your hotel reduce the risk of overbooking, cancellations, and no-shows and, instead, increase revenue and guest satisfaction.  

Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and direct reservations from your own website are, without a doubt, a lifeline for hotel owners, and here are a few steps to get your strategy working efficiently and to maximize your revenue before you implement a Channel Manager tool:

- Find the Right OTA Mix depending on your business hotel model.
- Use High-Quality content as images and texts.Identify your mix – product and focus on your room typology (standard, superior, suite, etc) with the aim of up-selling and cross-selling.
- Allocate resources on “mapping your rooms” is a key point, not all the OTA’s have the same terminology and integration with your channel manager according to your type of room.
- Identifying the forecasting demand in your city, district, and direct competitors will help you to organize yourself in terms of resource planification and optimization.
- Controlling your inventory and avoiding overbooking will improve your brand name and reputation.
- Analyze potential integrations with your existing technology, opening up and optimizing your distribution across the widest range of booking channels.

The impact of technology in the hotel industry has become solid in the highly competitive hospitality industry.  In a nutshell, if you want to increase your hotel revenue, you must keep up with all of the industry’s latest technologies.  

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