Winning strategies to boost your hotel sales and revenue in 2023 and beyond

The worst nightmare as a hotelier is walking down the halls of your hotel and realizing that rooms are empty. There’s a sad stillness that not only marks the sign of a quiet moment but also the sign of a failing business strategy.

Marketing plays a crucial role in helping hotels maximize bookings and as a consequence gross revenue. It is a fundamental manner in which those in the hotel industry can reach out to potential customers, conveying their unique selling proposition and brand values.

Regarding hotel marketing "universe", specifically Content Strategy, which focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. it's a powerful tool that will enhance the performance of your occupancy ratio in the medium and long term.

Nowadays, building a content marketing strategy for your hotel or another accommodation type, shouldn't be something to brag about. That’s because people don’t buy your bed or room. They buy stories, experiences, and how you make them feel. There are the most popular content marketing formats you can use such as blog posts, social media posts, video content, podcasts, email newsletters, how-to guides, photos, etc. As you can see, you can choose between many formats and as well many social solutions and tools to drive growth, build trust, and inspire loyalty on any digital and social channel taking your social media game to the next level and appearing in the best position to the right audience.

Not all hotels are the same, and there are different “hotel products” based on their star classification, hotel concept (boutique hotels, resorts, apart-hotels…), location, business philosophy, etc. Knowing who you are and what you offer is the main step to creating the correct content for your audience that previously was identified. As much as you “show” yourself naturally and honestly, the more the human connection will be enhanced. Quality content is more efficient than quantitative content, and the results are not immediate, however with perseverance and following a consistent content strategic line, SEO position and customer perception will be improved. To add, accurate keyword research, trend analysis, and search behavior predictions plus outstanding content marketing increases engagement with quality leads with a direct impact on content marketing ROI (Search Engine Journal, 2023).

Highlighting here, that great communication begins with connection and constantly talking is not necessarily communicating. Focusing on your core value and your specialty is much better than encompassing multiple services and, not for much as doing so squeezes you harder, that finally it will frustrate the expectations of your customer and hence your reputation. Defining a content strategy based on your proficiency will attract your correct audience and hence your client.

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